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Day 33 to Israel Hamas War

Thirty-four soldiers have fallen since the beginning of the ground maneuver, 15 of them on October 31.

The IDF has finished conquering the rural hinterland in the northern part of the strip; it is advancing into the northern neighborhoods of Gaza City and its southern neighborhoods and continues the conquest of Beit Hanoun.

For the first time, Israeli leaders are declaring the day after the war. My name is Rami from the Art Channel and in this video, we will review day 33 of the battle for the defense of Israel. On the evening of November 7, the IDF spokesperson announced that under the leadership of the Paratroopers Brigade, a focused operation was conducted in the north of the strip, and during it, the takeover of the area in the north of the strip was completed. During the operation, a significant amount of weapons was discovered at a local university, presumably Al-Quds University in the north of the strip, including a cache of weapons from tunnels, side charges, RPGs, and even chemical materials. Significant parts of the battles are now taking place in the neighborhoods of Shati, Beit Lahiya, Jabalia, Beit Hanoun (where many tunnels were blown up yesterday as part of the purification of the city), and from south to north into the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood along the coastline.

There was a slight northward advance along the border fence in the more eastern part, perhaps as preparation for clearing the area before an attack on the Sajaiya neighborhood. The battles are already taking place in the outer neighborhoods of Gaza City. From all the videos published by the factions, it seems that hit-and-run is their main tactic, aiming to cause as many losses to the IDF as possible in hopes of pressuring the Israeli public to end the war or for future deterrence. In all their attack videos, hits on IDF tanks or the placement of explosives on military vehicles are visible, but there does not seem to be confirmed filmed evidence that the vehicles were destroyed beyond being attacked. There is increasing use of reserve mortar units firing towards the forces on the outskirts of Gaza, units firing from within the city itself, with the goal of causing the IDF to stop the fighting while bleeding them but not stopping them militarily. The fighting is now supposed to realize the first of three stages of the war presented by Galant, and this stage is to destroy Hamas, which requires the conquest and destruction of the northern Gaza Strip.

The second stage is the elimination of resistance pockets, which will require the continuation of the campaign southward. The third stage presented is to create a new security reality for Israel and the removal of Israeli responsibility, a vague statement in its intentions.

The Biden administration is trying to promote the two-state solution because the Palestinian Authority will take responsibility for the Gaza Strip; according to a report by the WSJ on Blinken’s second trip to the Middle East, he tried to persuade the leaders of the Arab states to be partners in an international force that will be established in the strip and in the process of its management and rehabilitation, a task that the Arab states do not want to implement. Yesterday in an interview with ABC America, Netanyahu declared that “Israel will hold security responsibility for the Gaza Strip for an indefinite time.” He declared that there would not be a ceasefire before the release of all the captives, and only in the case of their release will there be a cessation of the fighting. On November 7, the Israeli Foreign Minister declared that Israel has no desire to rule over the Gaza Strip after the fall of Hamas; he did not refer to the possibility that the Palestinian Authority would rule the strip and spoke of an international force that would include the USA, the European Union, and Arab states.

Also yesterday in an interview with Sky News, the Minister for Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer, who sits in the war cabinet, said that this would be the last war in Gaza, probably between 3,000 to 4,000 terrorists were eliminated in the fighting and refused to address the humanitarian issue at all, he said that after the war the Palestinians will control the strip but said he does not know exactly who, and the goal is to ensure that no other terrorist organization grows and also to prevent the education of children to hate Jews for generations (apparently referring here in negation to the Palestinian Authority).

From their words together, it can be understood that the third stage will likely include some form of military rule and administrative supervision by Israel. Biden called on Israel not to conquer the strip any further on October 15, and a few hours after Netanyahu’s interview, White House spokesman John Kirby, who the day before mentioned to reporters the massacre of October 7 and why Israel initially went to battle, was suspicious of Netanyahu’s words and said that the Israeli prime minister is working closely with the American president, when the American president’s position is a return to the two-state solution. Beyond the problem of a military regime on the geopolitical level to the attempt of the USA to create a regional coalition against Iran, there is also the matter of public opinion